What makes us different

Our high environmental standards:
We live on the Isle of Mull, within sight of the sea, and don’t want to run a business at the expense of our marine environment. We have seen for ourselves the damage that is being done to the seabed by fishing methods such as dredging and bottom trawling. From seabed to plate, our customers can be assured that they are purchasing a 100% ethical product.

Fishing methods:
Our divers use measures to ensure that only large and medium sized scallops are caught. Small scallops – that are within legal landing size and thus could be sold – are instead returned to the sea alive to allow them to grow and spawn.

Zero waste:
Our divers gather scallops to order, ensuring that we don’t take more than we need. As scallops are hand-picked there is no bycatch or knock-on damage to marine plants or animals.

We deliver our shellfish in recyclable cardboard boxes to prevent unnecessary waste and pollution. The usual method of packing scallops is in Styrofoam boxes, which leave behind a residue of tiny white balls that litter the high tide line on market day, causing harm to fish and seabirds.

Giving back to the environment:
Our ethos is that as we are harvesting wild food from the seabed we have a responsibility to protect and conserve the waters that we fish from. Guy Grieve is involved in a number of charities and initiatives aimed at protecting the marine environment. We are also exploring the idea of setting up our own conservation fund aimed at protecting the sea-bed.

Our nature as a small, family-run business.
This ensures that we keep the quality high, and the mistakes low. We don’t take fishing lightly, and believe that scallops and shellfish should not be anonymously packed and processed, but delivered with pride, care and attention. We love our island and are proud of our shellfish, and will make our customers feel as privileged as we are to benefit from nature’s marvelous bounty.