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Great seafood is about so much more than just the price. As a high quality outlet you know that provenance and quality are paramount. The public are better informed and more demanding than ever before – they want incredible fresh seafood without the sneaking feeling that they are supporting something rotten. Buy from us and you will be able to bring a wonderful, hopeful story to the table as well as the best quality shellfish that you have ever seen.

A good restaurant is all about great customer service, and we also pride ourselves on our superb client liaison. We will visit your kitchens in person on a regular basis to ensure that you are 100% happy with our seafood, and we will do our utmost to source any shellfish that you require, always with the guarantee that it is ethically sourced and of the highest quality. We guarantee, you will never have better customer service.


Sell to us

If you are fishing in an ethical manner we want to hear from you, wherever you are fishing in Britain. Send us an email telling us about your methods and catch and we will get in touch shortly. We already have a great client list and demand for our superb produce is growing, and we would love to welcome you to our circle of fishers.

Your catch is as good as our catch.

We know that good fishermen take great care to protect their catch. We will transport your fish to our clients with the same level of care as we do our own. A huge amount of shellfish exported from this country has to be discarded due to careless transportation, leading to a great deal of waste. We will never let that happen.

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