The Ethical Shellfish Company

The Ethical Shellfish Company was established in April 2010 by husband and wife team Guy and Juliet Grieve from their home on the Isle of Mull.

Working as a scallop diver, Guy was shocked to see the damage that is being done to our fragile marine environment by invasive fishing methods. Large sections of the seabed have been reduced to rubble with the complex benthic habitat completely destroyed. Talking to other divers and creel fishermen it was clear that he wasn’t the only one who was concerned. He heard from people who are vigorously campaigning for changes in marine legislation, yet whose voices have been ignored, despite the many models that have shown where we are heading unless changes take place. Thus he set up this fishing company with a difference, which pledges to support sustainable fishing methods, in the hope that we can contribute towards the recovery of our seas.