Quality assurance

Our chefs tell us our Isle of Mull dive caught scallops are the best they’ve ever had. We get them to you fresher than anyone else, hand picked and without environmental damage.

Live scallops may contain algal toxins which could potentially cause shellfish poisoning. Virtually all algal toxins are contained within the viscera of the scallop, however, and the risk of ASP is completely eliminated by correct shucking. For this reason we issue our customers with our Safe Shucking Guidelines, and instruct chefs NEVER to use the guts or viscera of a scallop.

If our batch tests show algal toxin levels are high we will pre-shuck all scallops prior to delivery.

We have a team of expert shuckers who ensure that you receive your scallops in pristine condition, ready to cook.  These are our shucking guarantees:




Guaranteed Dive Caught

A major concern amongst chefs is how they can be sure that their scallops are genuinely dived. There is no legal obligation to prove how scallops have been fished, and it is not always possible to tell by looking at them.

Our answer to this is to ask your supplier for contact with their divers – ask for fishing boat numbers and look them up to see whether they are a genuine dive operation. You are expected to pay more for dived scallops – you deserve a guarantee that they are the real thing.