Putting back

Based on the beautiful Isle of Mull, we are keenly aware of the value and importance of the marine environment. Fish stocks have steeply declined in recent years, and sightings of fish that were previously commonplace, such as haddock and cod, are now extremely rare.

We will soon be setting up a fund with the specific aim of assisting coastal communities to put in place practical initiatives aimed at improving the health of their marine environment and protecting and improving the habitat for the shellfish that we harvest.

As dive-fishermen we witness on a daily basis the damage caused to the seabed by invasive fishing methods that millions who enjoy seafood never see. It would be short-termist and stupid for us not to devote time and money to trying to do something about it.

We regard our fishing licence as the key to a secret garden. When we reach for the apples we will not trample the flowers beneath.