Our Shellfish

Our core products are hand dived Isle of Mull king scallops, fished from our own boat around Mull and the surrounding islands. Periodically, we also supply lobster, langoustine and edible crab, all creel caught by local fishermen whose methods we guarantee as 100% ethically sound.

We like to sell our king scallops live so that you can enjoy them in their freshest state possible. Most of our scallops arrive in kitchens within twenty-four hours of leaving the sea and we are continually told by our customers that they are the freshest they’ve ever seen.

Ocasionally scallops are subject to outbreaks of naturally occuring algal toxins which can (rarely) cause shellfish poisoning. We regularly test samples of our scallops to ensure that they fall within the safe toxin limits set by the EU. It is well established that virtually all the toxins reside within the viscera of the scallop, and if correctly shucked they present no risk to the consumer. If our batch tests fail, so as to take no risk with our reputation or your customers’ safety, we will thus pre-shuck your scallops prior to delivery. Click here for more information on this.


Challenge us!

If you have a request for a particular kind of shellfish let us know: as long as it can be ethically fished, we’ll do our very best to find it. Contact us for details.