Our people

Guy Grieve – Director

Guy has worked as a writer, journalist and television presenter with a strong connection to ethically produced food. From 2004-2005 he lived solo in the Interior of Alaska, documented in his book ‘Call of the Wild: my escape to Alaska’. In 2006 he co-presented the Channel 4 series ‘The Wild Gourmets’ and subsequently ‘A Cook’s Tour of Spain’, and wrote the accompanying book for the series. In 2009 he co-presented the two part series ‘Living with the Monkeys’ for BBC1. From 2007-8, with Juliet and their two young sons, he skippered a sailing boat over 10,000 miles from Venezuela back to Scotland, including crossing the notorious Great Circle route across the North Atlantic. A book on this subject will be published by Bloomsbury in 2013.

But no adventure has been greater than the one he’s engaged in now. Guy is passionately committed to the health of the marine environment, and the motivation for starting The Ethical Shellfish Company comes largely from his concerns regarding the damage done by intensive fishing, and his conviction that fishing methods must be changed to ensure the long-term health of our seas.

Guy dives for scallops personally from the company’s boat, Helanda, on the Isle of Mull. Much of his business is carried out between dives from the boat – the mobile phone that operates under water has yet to be invented, but when it is, Guy will be first in the queue!
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Juliet Knight – Director

Juliet was born and raised on the Isle of Mull. With a background in the arts and fundraising, she returned to the island in 2004 when Guy went on his solo journey to Alaska. Also a committed supporter of the marine environment, she co-founded The Ethical Shellfish Company with Guy in 2010. She is responsible for all the administrative aspects of the business, and is a typical working mother, juggling paperwork with looking after children and running a home. Occasionally she is to be found working as boatman, sorting shellfish or making deliveries, but is mainly office based. If you have a payment or other admin query contact her.


Our Suppliers

As well as fishing from our own boat we also buy scallops from a number of local dive fishermen. These divers are a breed apart – tough, independent and rebellious. You’d have to be – anyone who has tried swimming off these shores will know that it’s not for the faint hearted! Diving for scallops in this part of the world is deep, dark, dangerous work in areas of very high tidal flow. But most important, divers are all great lovers of the sea. As the only people to see what’s going on beneath the surface, they regularly talk of their devastation on witnessing the damage caused to the shallow inshore habitat by dredge fishing.