Fishing methods

Our hand dived scallops are caught from our own small fishing boat, Helanda, in the pristine waters surrounding the Isle of Mullt. In addition, we buy shellfish from fishermen using sustainable fishing methods – creel fishing, hand gathering, line catching.

Our fish are caught to order, ensuring that there is zero waste. All our scallops are strictly graded as they are caught, and we only take medium and large-sized shells. The small ones are put back, in areas of high tidal flow and out of reach of dredgers. In this way we are creating areas of high fertility, where scallops can spawn and then grow and reach maturity. All scallop divers love the ocean – you have to, to be prepared to immerse yourself in the North Atlantic on a daily basis! – and are careful conservators of their fishing future.

Hand diving and creel fishing are low-impact, non-invasive fishing methods that do not cause damage to the sea-bed. Our clients can be 100% assured of the provenance of their shellfish, and can feel happy that they in turn are supporting a tide of change in fishing.

Change will ultimately come from the customer, who increasingly demands higher environmental standards from food producers. Together, we hope that we can contribute to a culture of environmental stewardship which may ultimately lead to the recovery of our seas.

“I believe citizens are beginning to realize that their birthright, a healthy ecosystem, has been stolen, and they want it back.”
Charles Clover, The End of the Line