Ethical Shellfish Company boats up!

31 January, 2013 | News | By: Juliet

No more suffering in an open boat – after three years diving from a miniscule RIB we are now the proud owners of a new fishing boat. Complete with stove, sea berths and plenty of deck space, she may be small, but to our divers she’s luxury!  A traditional clinker-built fishing boat, Helanda was built in 1974 by Orkneymen who know a thing or two about bad weather. In fact her design heritage is ancient – the first clinker boats to be seen around the Hebrides were the Viking long ships. Unlike the Viking long ships she will not be pillaging our shores, however – on the contrary, she uses less fuel than the RIB, and will enable us to continue our low-impact dive fishing with a greater degree of comfort and safety.