Delivery information

We fish, we pack and we deliver. When a chef buys from us, they get delivery from us. We are responsible and accountable for our fish up to the moment that they arrive in your kitchen or cold store.  Fishermen who sell to us will also be assured that their catch will be taken to our chefs with just the same care that we deliver our own catch. As fishers ourselves, we know about the hard work that comes with doing the job right – we want to ensure that our fish is delivered in the same first-class condition that it left the sea.


Our scallops are delivered into central London twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. To reduce road miles, we use specialist fish transporters who are already delivering into London.


We deliver on Mondays and Thursdays/Fridays depending on your location. Once again, we use a network of top-class couriers to ensure that your shellfish is kept in pristine condition, and to reduce road miles.


We hate Styrofoam. Why? The list is too long; a five minute browse of the internet will demonstrate that Styrofoam is yet another example of saving money at long term cost to the sea. We have seen for ourselves the mess these boxes leave behind in coastal ports on market day, littering the shoreline with tiny bits of plastic that are eaten by sea birds and fish. Styrofoam may be convenient and cheap, but nature pays the price, and for this reason it is now banned in a number of countries.

We pack our shellfish in recyclable cardboard boxes. Unlike Styrofoam our boxes don’t land up littering our coastline, neither do they end up in landfill.